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Halloween is just around the corner, and I will not be pregnant anymore this year, unless I go weeks after my due date, which I don’t believe I would survive. I’ve gone 1 week past my due date with my first, and that is as long as I think I will ever let myself go.

Even though I will be trick-or-treating with a newborn, I thought many of you would want some fun pregnancy costumes ideas! Pregnancy can be super fun during Halloween, so here are the best ideas on Pinterest  and Amazon to inspire you this year!

Skeleton Maternity Top:

Bun in The Oven Costume:

Mama Kangaroo Costume:

This one I saw on Pinterest, and I have no idea who this person is to credit them! 

Pasta Chef and Prego Sauce:

One Thing Two Thing Dr. Seuss:

No idea where to credit this idea either!

Pregnancy Avocado:

Fishbowl Pregnant Shirt (you could just paint your belly too!):

Andre Agassi + Tennis Ball (or your favorite player and ball team!):

Emoji Costume:

Deviled Egg from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things:

Mama Bird and Nest Costume:

Magic 8 Ball:

DIY Pregnant Baseball by From Dahlias to Doxies:

Mermaid, Clam Shell:

Tamagotchi Halloween Costume on Costume Works:

What are you going to dress up as?! Halloween can be such a great time for creativity, but there are also some awesome t-shirts you can just throw on fast if pregnancy has you too tired to think.

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