Here we are, about 8 weeks into my pregnancy, and I am struggling with morning/all day sickness. Morning sickness comes in many different levels. Mine is the low-grade, “I’m so hungover,” all-day sickness. I tend to get worse as the day goes on. Other’s actually throw up, and have severe sickness that requires medication. Because this is my fourth pregnancy, I’ve learned some tricks to survive the morning sickness stage, so I can semi-function as a decent parent to my other boys!

Every time I get Pregnant, I Google “How Long Does Morning Sickness Last?”

I’m not sure why I forget this every time, but typically morning sickness starts about 8 weeks (earlier for me), and lasts through 12 weeks. Some mamas have pregnancy nauesa to 20 weeks. I unfortunately can’t remember when I started feeling better during my pregnancy. I think I was a bit later, more like 15 weeks. I will update when it actually goes away. So, we have a few weeks of feeling pretty icky, and here are my tips and tricks to survive.

My Best Tips To Survive The Pregnancy Nausea (all-day sickness)

Get a good prenatal:

If you don’t follow any of my tips but one, this is the one. I used to really struggle taking a prenatal (about 8 years ago with my first), because the prenatals made my sickness worse. I tried taking them at night, but I would still feel super icky. With my second I found the drinkable prenatals, and the gummies, which helped, but nothing has been as wonderful as the Ritual Prenatals.

I talk a lot more about these prenatals in my post on folate verses folic acid. This is a really important read before you choose your prenatal vitamins, and I also go over my top choices for a good prenatal.

Basically, the Ritual Prenatals have a minty flavor, and you can take at any time without feeling sick. I can’t take vitamins on an empty stomach, or any pills, but these I can take any time! That is huge for me, so I highly recommend you grab these on subscription to come everything month during pregnancy. I started with their women’s vitamin, then switched to prenatal once I got pregnant. You will thank me!

Anti-Nausea Teas:

I’ve found that drinking a tea with a little milk and sweetener through the day really helps. So far I’ve been really liking this Morning Sickness Tea by Pink Stork. I get a very empty stomack feeling, which causes me to want to eat all day. I basically feel like throwing up when I workout, and want to lay on the couch and eat chips. Great combo for not gaining a lot of weight right? The first trimester is really just a survival period, and I find that sipping on tea really helps.

Fizzy/Bubble Drinks:

Carbonated water (Spindrift is my FAV!), with a little juice really helps me too. I am basically sucking on water/tea/juice all the time. The carbonation with a couple saltine crackers seem to help settle my stomach. I also really like this Sparkling Mama Elixer from Amazon. You just pour a packet and mix with water. I have a video of how I mix it with Spindrift I will get in this post soon. Mix the packet with a Sprindrift flavor you like and it tastes really good, and works for at least an hour. I think the cheapest way to get Spindrift, because it is more expensive is on Amazon. Just order it with the sparkling mama elixer and you will be golden!

Frozen Grapes:

This has been super helpful in the afternoon! Frozen grapes are a healthy, easy snack that you can suck on to help keep that icky feeling away. It is kinda like sucking on a candy, but better for you. More nutrition and less sugar! Just buy some grapes, and pop them off the stem into sandwhich bags. Throw them in the freezer, so you have them ready when you need them. I just had a bunch of these yesterday because I didn’t have an opportunity to lay down, and it helped distract me from feeling sick.

Sour Candies (these are made with Stevia!)

I found these Smart Sweets Sour gummies at Whole Foods, and I think you can grab the at Target too. These aren’t gonna jump your body with tons of sugar, but they do have a ton of fiber in them, so just eat a few a day. I have them in my purse for when I am driving or picking my boys and need to be able to function.

Mint Gum:

Chewing minty gum also really helps me. I keep this in my purse too. I like a peppermint gum sweetened with xylitol. I can’t have sucralose because it causes gas and bloating, Keep an eye on what your gum is sweetened with in case you have a sensitivity too.

Soup and Crackers:

I’ve found that soup and crackers really hit the spot. As I get further into the dreaded 8-12 weeks time frame, a lot of fresh veggies and healthy food does not sound good. I actually just got done with my 10-day reset with my postpartum mamas on Instagram (they don’t know I’m pregnant yet), and it was the hardest 10-days of eating healthy! Now I’m back to some light soups and crackers, and it feels a lot better.

Lay down when necessary:

Sometimes I just need to lay down. I do have three kids running around during this pregnancy, but I have found ways to lay down. I can set them up with colors, legos or a show, which really helps if I can get 15 minutes of laying down.

So far, these are the only ways I am surviving life right now. My pregnancy nausea tends to be worse in the evening, rather than the morning. I starts around noon, and continues to grow as the day goes on. I usually experience headaches as well, but I haven’t gotten there yet. The fatigue also gets worse as they day goes on. I have some ways I deal with that as well, which I will do a full post on soon!

Let me know if you try my pregnancy nausea tips. I’d love to hear your tips too! I’m sure everyone is eager to try anything that’s worked for anyone else!