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My pregnancy showed up less than 3 months ago as an unexpected surprise, and just a few weeks ago, so did the Covid-19 pandemic. At first, I think I was like many, and things didn’t seem that serious. The virus didn’t seem that bad and life was moving on as normal – until it wasn’t. I do believe this is a serious virus, and managing the spread through social distancing is important, especially during pregnancy.

But social distancing with three boys, and another baby on the way is actually a lot of work. Especially in the first timester, when I feel exhausted and nauseas half the time. There are some things I am doing to boost my immune system, stay healthy and hopefully avoid infection all together. We are in Florida, where we have yet to experience the intensity that many other states and cities are experiencing. Here are some ways I am handling the pandemic to keep myself, and the new baby healthy and safe.

I am staying up to date on pregnancy + Covid-19 findings and reasearch:

There’s actually not a lot that we know concerning pregnancy and Covid-19. Here’s what we do know.

  • Right now, there’s no increased risk for Covid-19 during pregnancy. According to this source.
  • The immune system is in an altered state during pregnancy, making symptoms more likely if Covid-19 is contrcted.
  • You can’t give it to your baby. There’s been on findings of the Corona Virus in amniotic fluid, cord blood, or placenta tissue.

That’s about all we really know so far, and because this virus is so new, there could be more findings in the near future that will show us different information. But for now, I feel confident that if I do contract the virus, I will not give it to my baby, but I may experience some worse symptoms than if I wasn’t pregnant. One of the biggest ways I can help myself avoid the virus all together is to stay home, as well as boost my immune system.

Safe ways I am boosting my immune system during pregnancy:

Boosting the immune system is really important to ensuring your body can fight off the virus if you contract it. A strong immune system can also reduce the symptoms of the virus, which reportedly are extremely uncomfortable with a high fever, dry cough and difficulty breathing. Here are some safe ways to boost your immune system during pregnancy:

  • I’m drinking Ora Organics Imuunity Vitamin C powder,Ora Organics Imuunity Vitamin C powder, which might be sold out now, but so good if you can get some! It has everything you need to boost your immune system with the power of vitamin C.
  • I’m taking a really good prenatal.a really good prenatal. I can actually keep this one down during my first trimester, which is HUGE. I wish I had these with my other three pregnancies because I had to skip many days of vitmins just to be able to function. You can learn more on other prenatals on the market, and the important difference between folate and folic acid in this post. 
  • I’m drinking extra water. This is an easy one, but hard for me during the first trimester. I want to drink soda, and I crave it, but I’m forcing plain water down. Water washes away the bacteria in your mouth and helps your body function, where as other drinks have sugar and fake sugars that bacteria can feed on. If you have a higher amount of bacteria in your system, your body chemistry is altered and more suceptible to viruses.
  • I’m walking as much as I can. Workouts are basically non-existent right now because I feel so icky. I gag when I work out, so I am working on getting in 10,000 steps a day. This helps with the lymphatic system, keeps your body moving, and is much better than sitting all day.

I am forcing more fruits and veggies down:

Being in the first trimester, I have the worst time eating healthy. I basically live off of white cheddar cheezeits right now. But with everything going on, I am forcing down more fruits and vegatables. I’m also leading a 21-day eating clean challenge with the mamas in my Postpartum program, and it is so helpful for me! I am forced to be accountable in eating clean, according to the guidelines in my program because other mamas are doing it with me! We all want to be as healthy as possible during this time! My favorite way to eat fruits and veggies right now is in a smoothie. I can drink it down slowly, and not feel like I am chewing on raw kale. This protein powder is my all-time favorite for postpartum mamas, and the pregnancy formula will be coming out soon too!

I am not going to the doctor – yet:

I actually am about 11 weeks pregnant as I write this, and I haven’t been to the doctor. I am scheduled to go this coming week, and I probably won’t. I don’t really want to go into an environment where so many people have been and possibly contract the virus. I am giong to call and verify that’s a good idea, and I amy just get an at-home baby doppler systembaby doppler system to attempt to hear the heart beat at home, myself!

Getting sun and fresh air:

I read a report that sun and fresh air help the healing process, and supposedly the sun kills the virus. I love the concept, whether true or not, so I am making sure to get time outside and in the sun every day. We live in Florida, and the virus has yet to really run its course here, which maybe all the sun is helping. I am running with the concept and assuming all the vitamin D is a good thing.

Social distancing as much as possible:

We started with a couple play dates early on, with friends we’ve been around at school, and I’ve had to run to the store a couple times, but other than that, we’ve been home and outside. We are doing a lot of various activities at home, playing in yard, swimming in the pool, walking the neighborhood and finding trails to explore. That’s about all we can do, and we are avoiding close proximity to anyone coughing or sneezing, where we know the virus can be contracted.

I am not wearing any masks, or going to extremes because I feel confident in a healthy immune system and social distancing. I also do know that there are many viruses and infections mothers get during pregnancy, which don’t affect a growing baby.

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