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Surviving the first trimester is one thing, staying healthy is completely another. A healthy first trimester is really hard to achieve, so I have some helpful tips to just survive, and stay as healthy as possible. The cravings, naseua and exhaustion are one thing, then there’s also the food aversions. Not many people want to eat broccoli in the first trimester. I know I didn’t. I wanted to eat chips, cheese and bread. All three pregnancies were boys, and all three pregnancies I wanted the same things.

The Belly-Only pregnancy fitness program is a specific program for pregnant mamas looking to stay as fit and healthy as possible while pregnant. This program is also designed to prepare you for labor, as well as protect your core and pelvic floor for after baby. I’ve had three babies, and I wish I did a program like this! I was able to gain minimal weight during all three of my pregnancies, and lose it all within a few months because of my diet, but I didn’t focus on the repair work my muscles needed to recover and heal! That is why I first created my postpartum program, The Postpartum Cure. After popular demand, and many requests for a pregnancy program, I now created this program for mamas wanting to do some prep-work, eat clean and gain minimal weight while pregnant!

I have a very specific pregnancy ciet plan that is actually super simple, yet the key to gaining minimal weight while pregnant. As a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, I studied the massive benefits of nutrition during pregnancy for both mamas and babies. I included lots of recipes in this program to help you feel motivated and full of ideas to eat healthy.

Here is how to survive and stay healthy in the first trimester:

Eat Healthy Foods That Soothe Your Stomach:

These include oatmeal, bananas and milks or yogurt. I stick to almond milk and coconut milk yogurt. I found oatmeal to be perfect during the first trimester. It was soothing, comforting and yummy. I also liked sweet potatoes, but I am not sure if they coat the stomach. They are a wonderful healthy carb to consume in the first few weeks though! If you can do a banana protein smoothie, this is WONDERFUL!! I LOVE this protein powder, because it is safe for pregnant mamas, and the protein will help keep your blood sugars level. The bananas will give you the carbs and sugar you need to attempt to feel okay for more than 15 minutes.

Sip On Lemon or Mint Water:

Mint helps with nausea, so you can sip some mint water to keep yourself hydrated, as well as keep the nausea at bay. I found it helped a bit with feeling sick, and I felt better keeping something in my mouth. It was the act of drinking and eating that almost seemed to help me feel okay.

Don’t Let Your Blood Sugar Drop:

When your blood sugar drops, you are going to feel worse. Snacking is totally okay during the first trimester, but the key is to snack on healthy foods. I snacked on yummy berries, sweet potato chips, light popcorn, apples, oranges, cheese sticks and carrots and hummus all day. If I let myself feel any sense of hunger, I thought I was going to throw up, so eating was a form of survival. As long as you eat smart, you can eat a lot!

Walk As Much As Possible:

On the days I didn’t get up and move right away, I felt worse. I knew that if I could make it to a park with my toddlers, or to the gym or anywhere I could get some walking in, I would feel better the rest of the day. Exercise, especially during the first trimester really helps. It is a great mood booster, and it will push you through to the rest of the day. Walking is the minimal. If you can do more, do it. Add your strength training in a few times a week too if you can stomach it. It really combats the fatigue.

Take Naps:

It is miserable to fight the naps. I would find myself with my eyes closing on their own. I had to take naps in my car during my lunch break with my first baby. I just couldn’t fight it. You will feel so much better if you let yourself sleep, and your body needs it. Resting to build a baby, especially in the first trimester is super important. If you have little ones while pregnant, let yourself take naps when they do. I fell asleep in their beds with them. I’m kinda embarrassed, but it is totally the truth.

These are my best tricks to stay healthy during the first trimester. The first trimester is my least-healthy trimester. I just can’t keep from eating everything and sleeping. But, you can stay as healthy as possible, and know that the second trimester makes things so much easier. With my third, I started running again in the second trimester, and I actually burned fat off in my second trimester because I felt so much better. I ate way healthier and exercised a lot more. Yes, you can totally burn fat during pregnancy. I go over how to do that in my program, and it is completely safe as long as you know what you are doing.

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