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What I eat in a day, to have a belly-only pregnancy was a requested video from many of you over on Instagram, so I finally put it all together for you! I basically just filmed everything I eat on a normal day of eating.

Because this is my fourth pregnancy, I’ve learned so much about staying healthy and fit all pregnancy. Diet is one of the most important factors of maintaining your weight during pregnancy. Diet is probably one of the biggest challenges for pregnancy mamas because of all the pregnancy cravings!

Believe me, I know about cravings. I LOVE myself some chips, nachos, more chips and fries when pregnant. But, I can conquer those cravings, once I get to the second trimester, by cleaning up my diet and getting back on track. I frequently do clean-eating challenges with the mamas on my Instagram, which really helps me completely get rid of the cravings!

I also LOVE my protein shakes. I am seriously obsessed with Bump Dust because as long as I have a smoothie, I feel so good all day! It is formulated with all the vitamins, minerals and ingredients that help pregnant mamas nourish their body for baby. It is also high in protein, low in sugar and carbs and low in calories, so it really will help you maintain your weight! You’ll see the fun smoothie bowl I make in my video below.

What I Eat In A Day For a Belly-Only Pregnancy:

I hope this video helps give you some ideas on how to eat to nourish your body properly during pregnancy, while also maintaining your weight.

Some of my favorite foods for a belly-only pregnancy are in my program, and in my ebook cook book coming out soon! That way you can have a resource to quickly grab some meals that are nourishing and healthy.

If you want to see my Trader Joe’s grocery haul for our clean eating challenge, watch that one below!

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